70. The precious way Japanese people use English

I volunteered to help a friend with her 6th grade class last year. Here is the informative note she wrote me about that day:
“Dear Rinda
June 8 please come at past 10:00.

As a volunteer of the elementary school, registration is necessary.
Please tell your address and date of birth.
When I encountered an accident when you come to the elementary school, a part of treatment costs is paid.
Please register itself by all means.
The gate of the school closes, but the small gate of the left becomes vacant.
There is the entrance when I walk in the right direction if I enter inside. I enter inside, and please call out to the person who is in the staff room.
When I am uneasy, please call my mobile phone.
The contents of the class of 8th are as follows.
1. Self-introduction
2. The pronunciation exercise of the alphbet
3. The game that I used the alphabet for

I look forward to.”

She also gave me very helpful train information in Japanese. I actually found the classroom and the lesson went off without a hitch!


3 Responses to “70. The precious way Japanese people use English”

  1. Ellie Says:

    This blog is adorable :”) SUBSCRIBING ❤

  2. Linda Says:

    Thank you. Just got a new, completely precious example:

    “Today, I went to the hospital.
    It became a pregnant 7 week-old, and the baby became big and could confirm a heartbeat, too.
    ” Will be OK already ” Docter said and I was glad.
    It appreciates your prayer.”

  3. Linda Says:

    In Sunday’s bulletin: a reference to the “Holly Spirit”

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